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Some Library Cookbooks Already Rely on 'Sensitive' Method

Recently participated in Chef cookbook upgrades. One of cookbooks depends on library rabbitmq cookbook => 3.1

The problem is that recent versions of rabbitmq cookbook (after 3.3.0) rely on newer chef-cient functionality and if you have chef-clients version < 11.14.0 installed on nodes chef-client run will fail and you will see the following error in the log:

undefined method `sensitive' for Chef::Resource::Template

This method allows to prevent sensitive data from being sent to chef-client log:

Use to ensure that sensitive resource data is not logged by the chef-client. Default value: false. This setting only applies to the execute, file and template resources.

Here is code added to Chef 11.14.0

So if you’re experiencing same issue you need to update chef-clients to the version higher than 11.14.0 or rollback to the previous version of a cookbook.