OxDEAD Unicornz

Have you ever seen so many?

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

So boys and girls, I want to show you something. Few photos taken there 38° 15′ 0.5″ N, 122° 24′ 38.9″ W.

Does this place look familiar to you? No? Maybe if you see the hill a bit closer?

Still no luck? Try to imagine this place without grape vine, barbed wire and portable toilets installed. Same place from other point:

Ok, I do have a spoiler for you. It’s a place where a photo was taken that later became a default Windows XP wallpaper, Bliss.

Carpe diem, boys and girls. Everything we touch will perish so don’t waste your time waiting. Do whatever you’re postponing – visit places, meet people. Live.