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DNS Zone Updater Script

Howdy guys and girls? Unicorn Rider is back and he has something for you.

In most cases Internet providers assign dynamic IPs to customers. It creates problems when you need to access some service in your local network since you don’t know which IP you should connect to.

If you have DNS server under supervision you can create some A record pointing to your IP. The only problem is that you have to update this record once Internet provider changes your IP.

Most solutions I’ve found so far are supposed to be executed on a router: you just check IP assigned to an interface by Internet provider and push it to your DNS server. It can be quite difficult with customer segment router most households have – APIs are rarely documented/exposed, you need to hack firmware to run something kinky.

The idea is to have a script periodically running on some server behind the router. The script is getting information about local IP from opendns.com or from some http based service and updating A record on DNS server.

Here is the script itself.