Debian 8 Xfce4 Xscreensaver Lock Problem

Debian 8 Xfce4 Xscreensaver Lock Problem

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Long story short - after a system upgrade on my old EEEPC1005PE netbook awesome tile manager stopped to work with my config. I’m using some shifty library features and it looks like library from Debian package awesome-extra version 2012061101 does not keep up with awesome 3.5.6-1.

I don’t think it’s something unrecoverable but decided to try some new (for me) window manager. Since the netbook is not very powerful quite obviously I didn’t even consider fancy ones. My two options are xfce4 and xmonad.

Upgraded to Debian 8

Didn’t touch OS on my travel netbook/home workstation for more than a year (mostly because didn’t use them much) but it’s time now. Google services don’t work with an outdated browser. Netbook upgrade went smoothly, tested for few days, looks ok so far. Main concern was a possibility of some changes in Awesome window manager internals. It would suck since I doubt I have enough patience to re-configure Awesome from scratch.

Debian, Libvirt, Non-root

I’m playing with OpenStack and decided to bring up a testing environment on my home Debian computer.

I’m using KVM virtualization, launching VMs as non-root user and hit an issue not described in official documentation.

Skype + Pulseaudio 4.0 in Debian Jessie/testing Buzz

After the recent system upgrade of my Debian x64 home desktop I’ve noticed Skype started to make creepy buzzzzzzz sound or no sound at all. The issue is caused by the new version of pulseaudio, 4.0. The workaround is to set environment variable PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30: $ PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 skype &>/dev/null & Here is a thread devoted to this issue.